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Surface Plasmons Resonance :

SurfacePlasmons Resonance (SPR) form a part of Wood's anomales. SPR occurs in metallic thin film layers in opposition to the Guided Mode Resonance (GMR) who occurs in dielectric thin film layers. SPR arise from the excitation, by an evanescent wave, of collective oscillation mode of free electrons on the surface of a metallic thin film layer. there is a coupling that permits to the energy carried by the incident light to be transferred to the free electrons located at the surface of the metallic layer.

For more informations, you can download this document (in french): pdf

Scheme of the excitation principle of the surface plasmons by an incident wave in the Kretschmann configuration.

Hololab and CSL are now involved in an Interreg IV project with the University of Lille and Mons-Hainaut (UMH) so-called “Plasmobio”. The 3-year program includes new high sensitive techniques based on SPR for biomedical applications. Theoretical modelling and experimental investigation will be conducting with the final aim to produce a device using integrated optics.

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