The optics laboratory of the University of Liège

Non-Lethal Weapon :

When public order and citizens security have to be kept, it is judicious to use neutralization that doesn’t hurt humans. The concept of non-lethal weapon is based this idea. The Hololab developped such product for the FN Herstal Group.

The non-lethal weapon that we complete is intended to cause temporary blindeness by using monochromatic radiation. The power of the radiation is determined by the MPE (maximum permissible exposure). The MPE levels represent the maximum level to wich the eye or skin can be exposed without consequently injury immediately or after a long time and are related to the wavelength of the radiation, the pulse duration or exposure time, the tissue at risk and, for visible and near IR radiation in the range 400 nm to 1400 nm, the size of the retinal image. The sensitivity of the eye is not the same by day or by night so we calculate MPE’s corresponding to a range of pupil diameters. Thus, the background luminance is taking into account. The model developped at the Hololab modules the power of radiation by taking into account the distance between the source of radiation and the person exposed to it. Vision in the presence of a glare source is impaired as if a veil of light is cast over targets in the field of view. We study glare effects on targets visibility so the contrast has to be minimized while the glare irradiance stay under MPE’s.

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