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Christian Delacroix is graduated from both the ULB (Civil Engineering, specialization in Aeronautics) and the ISAE (SUPAERO) in Toulouse (specialization in Astronautics). He also received in 2007 a complementary Research Master in Astrophysics from the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. During his education, he spent 5 months as a trainee at the CNES in Toulouse, for the creation of a program for satellite attitude control with forbidden-areas avoidance. He also spent 3 months as a trainee at the IAGL for the study of the inversion of the Gravitational Lensing phenomenon. Since October 2007, he works on his PhD about micro-optical components (subwavelength gratings - ZOGs) for extrasolar planetary systems (high dynamic range) imaging and characterization. This project involves a concerted action between Hololab, the IAGL and the CSL.

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