The optics laboratory of the University of Liège


Welcome to the Hololab

Hololab was born from the Laboratory of General Physics from the University of Liege. Optical and photographic competencies built the preliminary researches in holography in the '70. The physics of holography and recording material for it was extensively developed. It opened new horizons where we focused our activities:

- Holographic and diffractive optical components and recording material and processes for it.

- Surface plasmon resonance: theory, simulation, and experimental devices (mainly related to biomedical applications).

- Diffraction grating theory and analysis (Rigorous coupled-wave analysis).

- Manufacturing of gratings by holographic techniques.

- Modelling and manufacturing of achromatic phase shifter for nulling interferometry.

- Holographic interferometry (including speckle techniques).

- Optical metrology and topography.

- Polarimetry and innovative space variant phase retarders recorded on liquid crystal polymers.

- Solar concentration solutions based on innovative diffractive/refractive optical combinations.

- Lighting solutions related to luminotherapy.

Those researches are mainly conducted by Ph.D. Students and Post Docs.

The Lab is attached to the AGO department ,Science Faculty.

The teaching activities are attached to the Physics Department, Science Faculty. Lectures are given to Students from different fields: Science, Applied Science and Medicine Faculties.

Our research activities are both fundamental and applied. Our policy consists in taking time to listen to the industrial needs and requirements. We are very open to both academic and industrial collaborations.

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